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Snow is Here!

Snow Tips:
-Wear slip-resistant footwear whenever possible;
-Use designated pathways for walking, avoid ice and snow if you can;
-If ice and snow cannot be avoided, walk like a penguin;
-Report areas of ice and snow accumulation to responsible parties.

Quarterly Safety Reviews

Introducing Our Newest Safety Pit Crew Member!

Congratulations to Willie Coleman III,
Paratransit Operator,
from the Frontier Station:

Great Job Willie! Keep up the Good Work!

Coming Soon! A New Safety Pit Crew Member

A new Safety Pit Crew Member will be named soon. Check back to see who it will be!

Cloud SDS System

Looking to purchase a new chemical? Need to find the SDS of a chemical in our workplace?

Check out the new CloudSDS How-To-Guide!
NFTA's new Safety Data Sheet Management & Chemical Approval System:
How-To-Guide: CLOUD SDS

Safety Pit Crew Hall of Fame

The following employees have been recognized as members of the Safety Pit Crew:

Lemar R. - Cold Spring Body Shop
Hector L. - Metropolitan Transportation Center
Jessica M. - Babcock Station
Tim M. - Niagara Falls International Airport - Airfield
Shirley G. - Cold Spring Station
Larry C. - Buffalo Niagara International Airport -
Willie C. - Frontier Station - Paratransit
                        Thank you for your efforts!