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The NFTA is launching it's 2019 campaign! We are excited for your participation. 

Some important dates to keep in mind are as follows:
  • Thursday, August 22 – United Way Donor Cards and Weekly Challenge distribution via Paychecks
  • Monday, September 23 – Deadline for Donor Cards to enter into the 1st week of the United Way Challenge
  • Monday, November 25 – Deadline for all Donor Cards
  • Thursday, September 19 – Start Date for United Way 50/50 Campaign, tickets go on sale
  • Thursday, September 19 - Friday, October 4 – Tickets for United Way 50/50 are on sale – 10 Tickets for $5
  • Friday, October 4 – Last day to purchase 50/50 Tickets
Each week the United Way selects prize winners from the individuals who have submitted DONOR CARDS to date.    So, make sure you get your donor card is submitted to NFTA's Human Resources Department early on so you are eligible for all of the great prizes.  (Eligibility requires an annual donation of $52).   

Any questions, contact Stefanie Shinners or Sue Reinke in the NFTA's Human Resources Department.