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Custodial Team 1
Members of MTC Facilities Dept. (entire team not pictured)
October 2nd is National Custodians Day!  We want to thank our dedicated custodial and maintenance teams for the hard work that it takes to keep our facilities in tip-top shape, and the people who diligently work to make sure we have workplaces and customer areas that are clean, sanitary, and looking good. 

Although a lot of what they do is behind the scenes, it is because of these individuals that we have the great fortune of working in environments that are healthy and comfortable.  They come to work each day, often outside of standard work hours, and assist with a variety of ever-changing tasks.  In addition to keeping areas clean, they assist with landscaping, snow and ice removal, special events, and so much more!  Plus, they are always ready to greet you with a friendly smile and sometimes a safety tip for the day. 

So, in recognition of National Custodians Day, please take a moment to show your appreciation this week to the custodians who maintain the facilities that we frequent.

Custodial Team 2
Mike And John
Mike Mingo 2