Crystal In Front Of Cc[1]
Crystal Edwards, Metro's Customer Service Manager

NFTA Metro opened its new Customer Service Center on the first floor in the downtown bus terminal this week.  The center is designed to better serve Metro customers by providing on-time service information, schedules, alerts, and other valuable rider information all in one place.  It is approximately 4,000 square feet and includes four individual service desks, a supervisor office and service counter. In addition, there is a bus operator/office employee break room with two restrooms and a passenger circulation area with customer queuing space. 

The center will also be used as storefront for the forthcoming new account-based fare collection system, MetGo.  The center will sell MetGo Cards, replenish account values, process reduced-fare applications and answer questions.  Customer care staff will also tend to other customer needs such as bus route/stop information and obtaining valuable customer feedback. The space includes a fully functioning bike rack to assist riders in learning how to use it. 

A formal ribbon cutting will be held later this month.  Stay tuned for more information.



Cust Center[1]
Takesha London, Team Member