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New Operators 1 29 2020 (002)
New Metrolink Operators

Please give a warm welcome to our new class of Metro Paratransit Operators as follows: Karmaine Williams, Barbara Davis, Gregory Taylor Jr., Loukiska Pilgram and Purcell Spain Jr.

Each of these operators have spent over eight weeks getting ready to officially hit the road. Our new student operators go through a comprehensive training program. They undergo classroom training that addresses defensive driving techniques, mechanical indoctrination, and New York State, Metro rules and regulations, and customer service. Afterward, they learn how to properly operate our Metro vehicles and spend numerous hours training with Metro supervisors to ensure they fully understand their assigned routes and how to deliver excellent customer service.  The training is highly technical and requires a great deal of commitment and dedication on both the training staff and the driving students.

Please keep an eye out for one of these fresh new faces and join in welcoming them to our NFTA family.