TR NFTA Introduces Internal Emergency Call System 6001

Keeping our valued employees and customers safe is of the highest importance to all of us here at the NFTA. That is why we have a new and improved internal emergency call system in place for everyone.  Emergency stickers will be provided to all employees to place on their office phones, but to follow is how the new emergency system will work.  

Dial 6001 or 630-6001 from any NFTA phone, or the 7-digit number from a cellphone and once you reach the auto attendant, you will hit "1" if you are at the Buffalo Airport and "2" for any other location. Your call will then be routed appropriately for your emergency. Note, the initial greeting will play twice, and if no option is selected the call will automatically go to the NFTA's TAPD Dispatch.

If you dial “911” from an NFTA phone, the call is routed “outside” to Buffalo Police, Buffalo Fire, or other applicable Emergency Services providers. It then needs to be routed back to NFTA TAPD or ARFF. Using the new number above (630-6001) streamlines this process for quicker response. For any additional questions, please contact the NFTA's HSEQ department.