The best-kept secret of the NFTA! Some may know us as CFR, ARFF or the fire department. 

The Buffalo Niagara International Fire Department was established in 1981 and has been serving the traveling public, their waiting families/friends, airlines, tenants, and our co-workers since July 1, 1981. Our original fire station was located on the other side of the airfield close to the cargo ramp. In August of 2017, we moved into our state-of-the-art fire station across the airfield. 

The department is made up of 36 firefighters, 4 Assistant Fire Chief's and me the Fire Chief. the four platoons provide coverage 24/7. We answer a wide variety of calls, from Aircraft Emergencies, EMS, Spills, Fires, Confined Space to name a few. The firefighters attend the New York State Fire Academy and receive the New York State Municipal Fire Fighter certification. This program is 11 weeks long with multiple written and hands-on exams. Successful completion of the program is required. The firefighter also trained to the FAA Basic Fire Fighter standards. This consists of multiple exams and hands-on exams. Successful completion of both courses provides the firefighters with their National Certifications. Our staff is also required to possess their New York State Basic Emergency Medical Technician certification. 

We are active in the community as well. We host blood drives, a joint open house with our neighbors- Mercy Flight, training opportunities for local Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel. 

Our fire station location is located at 120 Amherst Villa Road, Cheektowaga, New York 14225. 

We always welcome visitors! We are very proud and dedicated to our profession!!

Chief Billy Major

Connect Life Blood Drive at the Fire Station Tuesday August 20, 2019

This summer has been an atypical one for sure; we have had lots of rain and heat. We have also seen an increase in the need for blood. The need has risen, but the donations have not. The Buffalo Airport Fire Department's mission is to help any and all that are in need. We respond to all types of emergencies. A key point to our mission is not to judge the emergency or if it was an emergency or not based on technical standards but to look at it through the eyes of the person who placed the call for help. For them, it is an emergency. 

Connect Life formerly known as Unyts has asked for our help. They have an ongoing emergency, that could affect you or a loved one. That need is for blood. You may not be able to donate on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, but you may know some who can.  We would appreciate your donation or spreading the word of this event. It takes one person to start to make a difference. 

As a seasoned Flight Paramedic, I see firsthand the effect blood donations make. The injured person we fly into the hospital emergency department life maybe in the balance. Some of the patients require large volumes of blood before they leave the Emergency Department. You can be a difference-maker and provide that pint.

Are you that person? 

Please support our blood drive…

The drive information can also be found on

Chief William Major

August Blood donation poster