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The Authority operates the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) and the Niagara Falls International Airport (NFIA). BNIA is Western New York’s primary passenger and cargo airport, while NFIA continues to serve as a general aviation airport with an emerging scheduled charter business. NFIA, shared with a military base, also serves as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reliever airport for the BNIA.

BNIA ADA - Grievance Procedure
BNIA Noise Exposure Map 5- year update
BNIA Part 150 Study - 2013 Noise Exposure Map
BNIA Part 150 Study - Chapter 1 Introduction
BNIA Part 150 Study - Chapter 2 Existing Conditions
BNIA Part 150 Study - Chapter 3 Future Conditions
BNIA Part 150 Study - Chapter 4 Conclusion
BNIA Part 150 Study - FAA Letter of Determination
BNIA Part 150 Study - FAA Letter Record of Approval
BNIA Part 150 Study - NCP Letter to Airmen
BNIA Title VI - Unlawful Discrimination
BUF FY 2017 Competition Plan
BUF FY 2017 Competition Plan Exhibits
BUF Incentive Program
BUF Tariff Information
Emergency Contingency Plan
Emergency Contingency Plan PDF
FAA Review of BUF FY 2017 Competition Plan
Master Plan - ALP Drawings
Master Plan - Appendices Cover
Master Plan - Appendix A - FAA Acronyms
Master Plan - Appendix B - Peak Month Schedules 2008-2010
Master Plan - Appendix C - Airport Buildings
Master Plan - Appendix D - Terminal Floor Plans
Master Plan - Appendix E - Sustainability
Master Plan - Appendix F - Environmental Documentation
Master Plan - Appendix G - Ground Vehicle Traffic Data
Master Plan - Appendix H - Public Participation
Master Plan - BNIA Chapter 1 - Introduction
Master Plan - BNIA Executive Summary
Master Plan - Chapter 2 - Inventory
Master Plan - Chapter 3 - Forcasts
Master Plan - Chapter 4 - Env Overview
Master Plan - Chapter 5 . - Facility Requirements
Master Plan - Chapter 6 - Alternatives
Master Plan - Chapter 7 - ALP and CIP
Master Plan - FAA Approval Letter
Master Plan - Final Report Cover
Master Plan - Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Exemption
Master Plan - Table of Contents
NFTA Response to FAA Review
Reasonable Accommodations
Tarmac Contingency Plan
Vendor App Bus
Vendor App Limo
WNY Freedom Lounge