The Facilities team assures that the Buffalo Metropolitan Transportation Center (MTC), Niagara Falls Portage Road Transit Center/Buffalo Operations Control Center (OCC), Niagara Falls Transportation Center (NFTC), and 1404 Main St, and other properties are in good working order.  This is achieved by maintaining HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, egress, building envelope, and responding to operating personnel requests.

The Facilities team performs cleaning and maintenance and repair functions throughout the Buffalo Niagara region at any of the departmental run facilities. 

Facilities/Property Team

Rick Hanulewicz, Manager, Facilities & Property 

O-716-855-7412   M-716-548-4532


Beth Clark, Business & Property Specialist



Daniel Brody, Facilities Manager - MTC 

O-716-855-7345   M-716-359-4215


Cono Sammarco, Facilities Manager

O-716-855-7411   M-716-548-4621 

Maintenance Team

Allen Hemingway, Senior Maintenance Technician/Leader
Michael Buxton, Senior Maintenance Technician
John Ritzenthaler, Senior Maintenance Technician

Ken Burns, Maintenance Technician

Rocco Vaccaro, Maintenance Technician 



Shirell Hughes, Team Lead 1st shift

Rafael Marquez, Team Lead 2nd shift

Bobby Morland

Tomas Riveria

Sharon Kennedy

Isaiah Washington

Rocco Vaccaro

Hector Lozada

Alicia Lapiara-Cohen

Sean Burke

Cinthia Marquez

Jeff Paonessa

Ernie Desimone