The Facilities team assures MTC, OCC, NFTC, and 1404 Main St. are in good working order by maintaining HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, egress, building envelope, and responding to operating personnel requests.

The Facilities team performs cleaning and maintenance and repair functions throughout the Buffalo Niagara region at any of the departmental run facilities. 

Meet the Team

Facilities Manager - Chris Brophy 

Central Services

Receptionist - Julie Barrett

Mail/File Clerk - Alex Saleh


Senior Maintenance Technician - Mike Mingo 

Maintenance Technician - John Ritzenthaler

Locksmith - Mike Buxton 

Custodial Team Lead - Denise Romeo 

Custodians -

Ben McCullough

Paul Buchanan

Rocco Vaccaro

Bobby Moreland

Hector Lozada

Rafael Marquez

Sharon Kennedy

Cinthia Marquez

Scott Brewer

Tomas Rivera

Isaiah Washington

Marcus Cooper

Jeremiah Austin


Just Say Thanks

The Facilities team works incredibly hard everyday to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.  The simplest way to acknowledge their efforts is by giving a friendly smile and just saying "thanks."

Kindness goes a long way - be sure to show your appreciation next time you see a Facilities team member.

Outside of the NFTA

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