Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

1. Slow Down - take extra care to slow down when the rain starts, as fresh rain will bring out the oils on the roadway and make conditions slicker.

2. No Cruise Control - using cruise control during wet weather can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. The driver must remain fully engaged during wet weather driving.

3. Use Defroster - avoid windshield fogging that can interfere with your visibility by turning on your front and rear defrosters to clear it up.

4. Leave Space - maintain a safe following distance. Be sure to watch carefully for brake lights ahead of you.

5. Turn Lights On - headlights can help increase your visibility during the rain and make it easier for other vehicles to see you, avoiding a collision when it's tough to see through the rain.

6. Avoid Hard Braking - use your brakes as little as possible & avoid hard braking if you can. Slow down, give others room, and take your foot off the accelerator fast enough so that you won't have to slam on the brakes.

7. Be Calm if Hydroplaning - if your car starts to hydroplane, gently ease your foot off the gas and avoid steering. Just slow down and hold on until your vehicle regains contact with the road.

8. Use Middle Lane - water tends to pool more in outside lanes, so stick to the middle lane if possible.

9. Avoid Driving Behind Trucks & Busses - the spray created by large tires can reduce your visibility, so stay away from them if possible.

10. Pull Over - if you can't see cars in front of you or are having a difficult time controlling your vehicle, simply pull over if it is safe, and wait for the rain to slow down.