NFTA Metro salutes National Black History Month with a campaign that highlights contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history. Throughout the month of February, we have been showcasing our dedicated and talented employees, who make a positive difference for our customers and the community every day.   

The campaign’s components have included the following: 

  • Two live performances by the African American Cultural Center, February 4 and 27.
  • A specially designed heritage display in the MTC showcase.
  • Video/TV public service announcements. (Video 1) (Video 2).
  • Employee special feature – see within.

We hope that you will join us tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 27) for the final performance of the African American Cultural Center at noon in the front of Metro’s customer center at the MTC.

"It’s the acknowledgment of our history and the struggles our ancestors had to endure to get liberties we have today." - Allison, Frontier Operator
"How far black people have come and how far we have to go." - Alzo, Cold Spring Operator
“It means so much to me because it shows how far we have come from then till now. The progress we have been making as people. It stands as a reminder of what our people went through and had to overcome." - Barbara, Customer Care
"It’s a necessity to know what’s gone on before. You’ve got to look back to see how to move forward.” - Ben, MTC Facilities Maintenance
"Black History month is a time of rejoicing and celebrating. Thanking those for giving us hope on a life lesson that could be used." Bridgette, Frontier Operator
"Black History month is honoring all the struggles and achievements for Civil Rights Movements throughout the country." - Carlos, Babcock Operator
Carlos Mis
"A legacy of accomplishments." - Carlos, MIS
"The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression." - Clifton and Sheila, Frontier Operators
'Celebrating all the good things black Americans did before me." - Cotona, Babcock Operator
"Integrity, freedom, strength, self-motivation, honor, leadership, determination, true character, recognition, struggle, family, ancestor, and philanthropy . . . These are some of the words that shadow my mind." - Courtney, Customer Service
"A time to remember and celebrate important people and events that have contributed to the success of African Americans." - Crystal Edwards, Customer Relations Manager
"Black History month is a celebration of black excellence!" - Derek, Frontier Operator
"Have a vision. Be demanding." - Destry, Frontier Operator
“It helps me appreciate the opportunities I have, the best way I can.” - Garvie, South Park Rail Station
"Black History means self-sacrifice, courage, tenacity. Living a life of self-sacrifice, living to serve others, the courage it took to stand in the face of evil, and an I'll never give up attitude it takes to make a dream become a reality." Gary, Business Development Manager
"A time to reflect on our predecessors who sacrificed portions or all parts of their lives so that we may live a better life than what was available for themselves." - James, Cold Spring Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
"I stand in footsteps of legends." - Ja’nine, Frontier Operator
"It means a lot to me to be finally recognized. Every race matters and should have their own month." - Jason, Cold Spring Operator
“It means that all Black/African Americans have stories that have helped to makeup the fabric of this country. It speaks to the resilience of an oppressed people of slavery, that have risen to become great contributors to this nation’s history. Providing many contributions in the advancements of medicine, education, government and agriculture. Black history is a time of recognition and remembrance, that we all have made this nation great.” - Karen, MIS, Manager
"Our indigenous history goes back before 1492 or 1618. Our history goes back to the mid-1100’s. We are more than black or brown people, we are kings and queens. Native indigenous and moorish peoples." - Kevin, Cold Spring Operator
"Free opportunity." - Lamont, Cold Spring Operator
"As Nelson Mandela said, 'It always seems impossible until it’s done.'" - Leonard, Frontier Transportation Supervisor
"Black History means to me freedom. Free to go where I want, freedom of speech, free to say what I want." - Lisa, Cold Spring Operator
"Building bridges for future generations because we are better together." - Luis, Bus Supervisor
"Being a minority, I love that we can all celebrate each other’s heritage and accomplishments. Black history month gives us all a way to recognize all those that triumphed in history.” - Maria, Customer Service
"To celebrate our ancestors that came before us." - Mary, Babcock Operator
“Overcoming generational adversity. Picking up yourself, through hidden oppression. Letting love conquer you heart.” - Mike, MTC Facilities Maintenance
"To answer a question about the History of Black Americans to me; as to growing up in Washington, D.C. and seeing how African Americans have helped sculpt our American culture into so many things and changes." - McKinley, Frontier Transportation Supervisor/Special Services
“It’s important to know your ancestors. We’ve got to pass our knowledge onto our kids so they can pass it onto their kids.” - Paul, MTC Facilities Maintenance
"65 years ago, people who look like me fought to ride the bus. Now I get to drive it. " - Racquel, Cold Spring Operator
"There has been success in the struggle but the journey continues." - Roderick, Bus Supervisor
"Time to see how far we have come." - Ronald, Cold Spring Operator
“It means celebrating my race, ethnicities, cultures, and countries in America today. It means continuing to be educated annually while celebrating our heritage through our church and community fellowships in dance, food, presentation and wearing cultural attire. It means reflecting back on the service of our favorite civil rights activists and celebrating our local and up and coming servants and activists." - Ruth, South Park Rail Station
"Learning about the past so that we do not repeat mistakes in the future." - Shana, Frontier Operator
“This is our chance to learn about diversity. It’s all history, for all of us.” - Tiffany, MTC Facilities
“It is a time when African-Americans can take the time out and see what the people before them fought for. Black History is a time of rejoicing, celebrating and thanking those African-Americans for giving us hope or a life lesson that could be used.” - Tony, Customer Service
"I appreciate the sacrifices that were made for me, and the people who created opportunities for me." - Vance, Babcock Operator
"I join my brothers and friends to celebrate achievements of African Americans." - Vanessa, Babcock Operator
"To me, it is a moment of remembering, rejoicing, celebrating, and thanking those who fought for our rights. It always makes me think of Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left for us to hope and to have -- a dream. It makes me proud of who I am, and the beautiful skin I’m in." - Yaniz, Customer Service