As part of its continuing efforts to meet the needs of the college community, NFTA Metro currently offers colleges the opportunity to participate in our CRAM Pass Program (College Riders Accessing Metro). This transit pass program provides all students of participating colleges unlimited access to the Metro Bus and Rail system, seven days a week at a significantly discounted rate. On average, college students using transit through the program save over $600 in fare alone for a school year.  They also save money from not having to purchase/lease a car and pay insurance, or deal with parking hassles.  Students of participating colleges can use their Metro transit passes to commute to school or anywhere Metro services. It's an inexpensive and convenient way to get around town. 

Some additional benefits of students using an all access transit program include increased bus and rail ridership among students, making better use of the existing infrastructure by relieving vehicular congestion and air pollution. And, eliminating the cost of transportation increases students’ access to jobs, internships, and other opportunities. It also provides an additional venue for students to read, do school work, relax, and connect with other student riders. 

If you are interested in more information about the CRAM Pass Program go to: Metro College Transit Pass Program.