Larry Karsky, Don Minoian, Ziggy Kucewicz, Ken Jeffords, and Shawn Carter

Introducing the newest edition of the NFTA HSEQ Safety Pit Crew Campaign.  The HSEQ Pit Crew Campaign is designed to highlight safety topics. Traditionally, these topics focus on areas where we have had recent incidents involving injuries to our employees, or areas that could use a bit of focus

Our Current Safety Pit Crew members are:

  • Lemar Robinson of Cold Spring highlighting “Hand Safety”
  • Hector Lozada of the MTC focusing on “Winter Surface Preparation”
  • Jessica Maldonado of Babcock stressing “Seat Belt Use”
  • Tim Meyers of NFIA showing us how to “Lift Safely”
  • Shirley Garwol of Cold Spring demonstrating “Three Points of Contact”
  • Larry Carson of BNIA Terminal promoting “Housekeeping”
  • Willie Coleman III of Paratransit modeling “Proper Procedure”
  • Isiah Reid of Rail Operations displaying “Situational Awareness”

The Safety Pit Crew consists of employees that religiously follow sound safety practices, take pride in their work, and exemplify the values of the NFTA.  In the coming week, all locations will receive posters of the newest Pit Crew members: Larry Karsky, Don Minoian, Ziggy Kucewicz, Ken Jeffords, and Shawn Carter, employees of Central Stores, with 115 years of combined service. If you see a member of the team, say thanks!

This campaign focuses on Teamwork, as the members of Central Stores have been instrumental in acquiring, sorting, distributing, and maintaining COVID supplies for all employees for over the past 2 years. Despite the challenges of the task, especially early in the pandemic when supplies were difficult to find, Central Stores rose to the occasion. The collaborative efforts of Central Stores has allowed essential supplies to be distributed to the workforce, which has been crucial to maintaining the health and safety of the workplace, in order to continue providing services to the public.   

We ask that your location display the provided posters in areas that will be seen by staff and spread the word about Teamwork and Collaboration as it relates to you and your workgroup.

Thank you for your help as we all work to ensure our teams stay safe and injury free.