We are excited to share some commendations provided by Metro riders during the month of June. Please see below:

  • I take the bus daily to and from work. I have had many bus drivers but this Operator was amazing! She has a smile on her face and was super sweet! She helped me when I was struggling to get on the bus and was super enthusiastic about her job. She was so sweet and made my whole day.

  • Operator does an excellent job. They are always courteous, prompt, and operates the bus in a safe manner. I take the #42 quite often and for quite a few years and she is one of the best, even on some other routes that I occasionally take.

  • Customer was very upset that he left his phone on the bus. When contacting the driver, she located the customer's phone and waited for the customer to pick it up from the bus stop. "Thank you for being patient and going above and beyond."

  • Driver is courteous and friendly. He also demonstrates a good technical competency when making turns; very accurate!