The second phase of the MTC crane/chiller project will occur this weekend, Feb 3-4.  Similar to the first phase, the NFTA employee entrance at Ellicott Street and the adjacent MTC sidewalk will be closed due to safety concerns of overhead work. Employees that come into the MTC on the weekends will not be able to enter the building on the Ellicott Street side, primarily during daylight hours.  

The BCAR Adams Ramp on Ellicott Street entrance will also be closed but their sidewalk will remain open and monitored for safety by contractor. The weekend schedule for the project is as follows: 

Saturday, Feb. 3:

  • The crane will arrive at 7 a.m. and closure of Ellicott Street followed by a 5-hour setup of crane.
  • 12-5 p.m. will be the crane activities.
  • Ellicott Street will reopen.

Sunday, Feb 4:

  • The crane tear down will begin at 7AM followed by a 5-hour teardown process.
  • The crane will depart from the site in the afternoon.
  • Ellicott Street will reopen.

If there is any severe inclement weather that would make the process unsafe to proceed, the crane process may be delayed until Sunday.  By Monday, Feb 5, the chiller project should be complete.