With restrictions being lifted and the world starting to reopen, more people are venturing outside. While these times are exciting, they are also stressful for many. A year of sheltering in place at home has led to depression and anxiety, even some dealing with major burnout. As a result, taking care of your emotional and physical well-being has become crucial.

Here are some ways to help you return to the outside world:

  1. Prioritize your mental health. Take advantage of the resources around you to bring good into your life. Explore meditation apps, consider in-person or online therapy, and talk with those who are experiencing similar feelings to your own.
  2. Accept that we all move at different paces. Don’t compare yourself to how quickly or slowly people are jumping back into normal life. Recognize that the best path forward is the one that works for you, not your neighbor.
  3. If you can, get outside. Going for a walk might feel empowering. You are in control of how far you go. Taking part in any physical activity outside will help you develop a more positive relationship with going out again.
  4. Ease into situations that create anxiety. If you feel anxiety about stepping back into normalcy, then take it slow. Instead of making your first social event a packed bar, start with an outdoor restaurant during non-peak hours.
  5. Reach out to loved ones. Find a teammate to get out of the house with. Their support can provide reassurance and make going out easier.

Experiencing anxiety in this (almost) post-COVID world is normal, and you are not alone. Maybe use these sunnier days to get comfortable with easing back outside. Think positively and know that you got this!

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