CC NFTA 2019

The NFTA team showed up in spades at the Corporate Challenge yesterday! Rumor has it there were a lot of personal best race times this year!   Take a look at how "we" did below (in alphabetical order): 

Jeffery Amplement 34:52, Kimberly Amplement 34:52, Chris Antholzner  29:30, Anthony Cinotti 21:41, Carolyn Concannon 41:42, Emma Concannon 32:17, Pat Ellis 32:55, Wayne Gradl 33:13, Corey Hacker 54:15, Bruce Izard 26:05, Darren Kempner 31:56, Lisa Kenney 58:53, Mike Martineck 33:56, Mike Moore 25:07, James Morrell 33:30, David Pfalzer 24:12, Volney Powell 30:00, Dorothy Rapp 34:39, Greg Rapp 34:11, Steve Schnepf 25:30, Greg Schnettler 1:11:57, David State 52:20, Emmalee Stawicki 29:22, Jordan Sullivan 26:53, Helen Tederous  58:11, Max Thayer 27:00, and John Thompson 28:25. 

Congratulations to Mike Moore for coordinating the team's participation and our post-race festivities. A special thanks to Jeff Sweet for his grilling mastery.  Although they make it look easy, it's a lot of hard work!


(Action photos - Buffalo News)