Artist And Friend
Winning Artist, Amani Fanning (on left)

Today, the NFTA hosted a special event in our MTC bus terminal to announce the winner of our Black History Month bus wrap competition, an inspiring celebration of diversity, heritage, and artistic talent.

Selected from a pool of exceptionally talented artists, Daemen University student Amani Fanning’s winning piece pays homage to the rich contributions of African American culture. The design celebrates The Criterion Newspaper and The Colored Musicians Club, a historic Black landmark in Western New York.

The vibrant artwork will be prominently displayed on two NFTA buses and shelters throughout the city of Buffalo, serving as a moving canvas that brings Black history to life.

Kim Minkel expressed enthusiasm about the project, saying, “Amani’s creation beautifully captures the essence of The Colored Musicians Club and serves as a testament to its rich contributions to the city since 1917. This bus is more than just art; it promotes awareness of Black history and fosters a sense of unity and understanding among passengers.”

The event included remarks from NFTA officials, the artist, and partners from the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center and the Colored Musicians Club. The Colored Musicians Club also performed a unique collection of jazz renditions that were well-received by the crowd. 

We want to give a big thank you to the NFTA's African American Heritage Committee for making this possible. We look forward to sharing this exciting celebration of Black History Month and the creative talents within our community.

Please take a look at our video with highlights from today's events here:  BHMArt