Open Enrollment (2)
Nov. 1 - Dec 2, 2022

Open Enrollment is a designated period when employees can sign up for health insurance or change their plan.  This year, each employee will have the opportunity to make changes to their benefits through December 2, which includes the following options:

  • Enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA) for medical and/or dependent care needs. If enrolled in 2022, you must complete an FSA enrollment form if you wish to be enrolled for the calendar year 2023.

  • Enroll in or plan or waive health insurance coverage through the NFTA

  • Update health insurance information by adding, deleting, or changing covered dependents

  • Update beneficiary information

Notice of Qualifying Events and Benefit Changes

Life Event Changes - Benefit plans can be affected by life event changes, some of which qualify as an official change in status by the IRS.   Generally, when you enroll in benefits as a new employee, you cannot make changes until the next Open Enrollment period.   However, if you experience a qualified change in status, you can make mid-year changes.

What is a Life Event?  A life event change also called a qualifying event, is a personal change in status which may allow you to change your benefit elections within 31 days.   A life event is as follows:

Marriage | Divorce* | Birth/Adoption | Loss of other health coverage |Spouse begins/ends employment

*When an employee is divorced, the ex-spouse is no longer eligible for health care coverage as a dependent spouse.   Employees must submit a change of event notice within 31 calendar days of the divorce to remove their former spouse.   The employee continuing coverage for a former spouse on the plan is considered insurance fraud.

If you experience a qualifying event, you must request a change to your benefits within 31 calendar days of the event and provide the required documentation.  If you do not request the change within 31 calendar days, the next opportunity you will have to make the changes to your benefits will be during the annual open enrollment. 

Annual notifications on Elements.  Please go to the Human Resources page on Elements -- see: for the CHIPRA, Creditable Coverage for Medicare Part D, Grandfathered Status, Special Enrollment Rights, and Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act notices.

For any changes, please contact Christine Hart, Benefits Coordinator, Human Resources Department, 855-7652 or