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2022/23 NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs have begun! We want to keep our spectacular NFTA support going for our amazing hometown team as they take on their next opponent and in honor of Damar Hamlin in his continued recovery.

If you do not have any meetings with external parties, employees should feel free to wear Buffalo Bills attire the Friday before the weekend playoff game. If you are working on Saturdays or Sundays of a playoff game,  feel free to do the same.

What: Buffalo Bills jerseys, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Jeans and leggings (with cover) are also acceptable.

What Not:  Sweatpants and Zubaz are prohibited.

Please Note:

  • Drivers must wear their uniforms but can accessorize with Buffalo Bills hats and scarves, which will showcase your support on the roads within our community. 

  • Maintenance must wear their company-issued uniform pants and footwear but can show team support with Bills shirts/jerseys. 

As always, we hope you will send your photos to