2019 Safety Success!

Cloud SDS System

Looking to purchase a new chemical? Need to find the SDS of a chemical in our workplace?

Check out the new CloudSDS How-To-Guide!
NFTA's new Safety Data Sheet Management & Chemical Approval System:
How-To-Guide: CLOUD SDS

Introducing Our Newest Safety Pit Crew Member!

Congratulations to Isiah Reid,
Rail Operator,
from South Park Station:

Great Job Isiah! Keep up the Good Work!

Safety Pit Crew Hall of Fame

The following employees have been recognized as members of the Safety Pit Crew:

Lemar R. - Cold Spring Body Shop
Hector L. - Metropolitan Transportation Center
Jessica M. - Babcock Station
Tim M. - Niagara Falls International Airport - Airfield
Shirley G. - Cold Spring Station
Larry C. - Buffalo Niagara International Airport -
Willie C. - Frontier Station - Paratransit
Isiah R. - South Park Rail Operations

                        Thank you for your efforts!

Snow is Here!

-Wear slip-resistant footwear whenever possible;
-Use designated pathways for walking, avoid ice and snow if you can;
-If ice and snow cannot be avoided, walk like a penguin;
-Report areas of ice and snow accumulation to responsible parties.