We are proud to promote all of our many initiatives, news, and accomplishments. Many of which are stories about the outstanding people who work here.  Our job is to consistently communicate with and engage the public and stakeholders through various platforms including web-based, broadcast and social media, video, print, and community events. By incorporating industry best practices, we set a standard for communications on behalf of the NFTA and love what we do!
Helen Tederous

Helen Tederous, Director of Public Affairs, ext. 7425

I love everything about public transportation, being part of such an important function in our community is thrilling, demanding, and rewarding all at the same time. I’m most proud of the people of the NFTA, and all that they do to keep Western New York moving!

Sharon Pitts

Sharon Pitts - Administrative Assistant, ext. 7210.

Sharon handles the typical admin duties for a department . . . then her day really begins. Sharon is the link between the Public Affairs staff and the rest of the Authority, overseeing the budget, reconciliation, payroll, inventory and other concerns. She also monitors media both local, and around the world, keeping the Authority informed about our presence in the outside world. Sharon is a master proofreader and serves as the last stop for almost all the written material that comes out of the department.  (If you find a typo, somebody probably rushed the piece out without Sharon getting a good look at it.)  Sharon started at the NFTA in 2007. When she's not making sure the department's art and photography is on-time and paid for, she's making her own at home. Sharon has taken some amazing pictures of The Electric Tower and Statler City, as well as some more mysterious photos. She also enjoys one stroke / decorative painting, including paint-on-glass and paint pouring.

Michael Martineck

Michael Martineck - Superintendent Communications and Advertising, ext. 7632

Michael develops advertising programs for the Authority and all of its branches. Which is a great fit for him, because he loves to write. If he’s not scripting ads or producing web content for Metro, or one of the airports, he’s home writing a book or blog post or totally blanking, because you can only write for so long. Michael started back in the summer of '92 as a temp and never left because if something fits really well you keep it until it goes out of style. Transportation never goes out of style.

Lisa Piecki

Lisa Piecki - Community Relations and Internal Communications Manager, ext. 7672

Lisa helps promote the Authority's brand through a variety of activities. Creating and disseminating content through various platforms is an integral part of her job. She also plans and implements special events in support of ongoing transportation initiatives. Lisa has been involved with the development of highly-visible marketing campaigns and assists with internal communications authority-wide. She enjoys working with others and building strong collaborations and effective partnerships, both inside the NFTA and out.

Corey Hacker

Corey Hacker - Multimedia Specialist

With 15+ years of experience, Corey brings his passion for design to the NFTA creative team. Starting in 2009 with the NFTA, a few of Corey’s tasks include web design, front-end development, video production and broadcast, print design and production and digital media. Speaking of teams, Corey was a member of the US Ski Team for 7 years where he competed in the 2001 Freestyle Skiing World Championships with a 5th place finish. Hard work, drive and dedication are traits that Corey retains both as a professional athlete and at the NFTA. He is a member of the Springville Pop Warner Hall of Fame. Outside of work, Corey is a coach and program director for a local weekend ski team at HoliMont in Ellicottville. Corey enjoys spending time with his wife Kelly, and three children, Kylee, Cayden and Cooper.

Max Thayer

Max Thayer - Web Application Developer, ext. 7625

Max maintains many of the Web based services NFTA provides and is working to build new online solutions to meet the demands of our customers in an ever evolving digital world. Max comes to us from NITTEC, where he did an outstanding job creating and maintaining active and informative Web applications. He resides in Kenmore, with his wife and son. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hunting and barbecue from the smoker.

Caitlin Behm

Caitlin Behm - Social Media Coordinator, ext. 7432

Caitlin started as a graphics intern and has expanded her talents to become the NFTA’s Social Media Coordinator. She actively works with Metro and the Buffalo Airport to communicate various messages to engage the public, primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  In an effort to assist in recruitment for Metro, she helped develop an innovative social media campaign, “Workforce Wednesday” highlighting actual employees. The campaign significantly increased awareness of job opportunities at the NFTA, and it was also honored with a first-place 2019 AdWheel Award by the American Public Transit Association. Outside of work, Caitlin continues to use social media on her personal pages, and those posts are flooded with pictures of her fur-baby, Beau!

Dave Masi

Dave Masi - Traffic Coordinator Media Specialist, ext. 7318

Since 1996, Dave has been the NFTA’s morning traffic reporter for several radio stations & first for Channel 7 Eyewitness News This Morning, & since 2013 for Channel 2 News Daybreak.  Dave provides live traffic reports & transit information weekday mornings in exchange for television & radio advertising for Metro Bus & Rail.  In 2014 he even won a New York State Emmy Award!  In addition, he is the media buyer, working advertising deals on broadcast, print, & outdoor advertising for The Authority.  Prior to joining the NFTA Dave spent 17 years as a local air personality for several radio stations.  In his spare time Dave volunteers for a number of local charities & has been a volunteer director for 5 years for Team RWB Buffalo, the local branch of a worldwide Veteran service organization. 

Gary Davison

Gary Davison - Senior Graphic Artist, ext. 7483

Gary has worked for the NFTA for 40+ years.  He started here shortly after graduating from Rosary Hill (Daemen) College with his degree in Fine Arts.  He specializes in design and layout of Metro’s route maps, schedules, rider alerts and developing marketing collateral. Gary has also taken hundreds of photos over the years on behalf of the NFTA. As a result, he has created an amazing archive of our evolving transit system and the dedicated personnel working within it. When asking him about his 39-year career, he graciously quotes Roger Daltry, founder and lead singer of The Who, saying, ‘The ultimate goal is working for a cause and having a great time doing it.’

Steve Borowiec

Steve Borowiec - Senior Artist/Designer, ext. 7332

Steve has been with the NFTA for 35+ years. His expertise includes customized design and installation of graphics for various authority vehicles including our TAPD cars and airport shuttles. He also creates display signage and materials for community events.  Steve goes above and beyond to find workable solutions to visually represent the authority in the best way possible. And, if that isn’t enough, he is Vice President of Local 2028 International Longshoreman’s Association. He is also President and CEO of the MTC’s third floor coffee club, and he does a great “java” with it!

Bill Burge

Bill Burge - Print Shop Leader, ext. 7319

Bill oversees the print shop at the NFTA. He manages and monitors the flow of printed materials including bus and rail schedules and customized forms. This is not an easy job. If you have ever seen the shop, you know what we mean.  There is a lot going on there.  Bill has been with the Authority for 44 years and is an avid user of public transit. He refers to Metro as his "second car," and would be lost without it. He is also a bonafide Metro-tasker.



The department also hosts communications and graphic design interns per semester.  For more information, click on the internship brochure above.