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Heritage Display - MTC

We hope that you will join us as NFTA Metro salutes National Black History Month, February 1-29. This annual recognition highlights the many contributions African Americans have made in U.S. history. Each day during the month of February, NFTA Metro will pay tribute to our rich and vibrant past and present, which includes some amazing accounts from right here in Buffalo, N.Y.  This campaign will also feature our dedicated and hardworking employees, who make a positive difference for our customers and within the community every day.   

So that you do not miss a thing, we will be sharing this comprehensive campaign on the NFTA Metro website, on Elements, and through social media.  Some other visual components will include the following:

  • Two live performances by the African American Cultural Center on February 4 and 27 at noon near the Metro Customer Center (flyer) – COME SEE!
  • A specially designed heritage display in the MTC showcase.
  • Video/TV public service announcements. (Video 1) (Video 2).
  • Employee campaign.

We are excited to present this campaign, which focuses on education and celebration of American Black History. If you want to share any feedback or comments, please reach out to us at Elements@nfta.com.