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Please contact Child & Family Services for employee assistance at:

Buffalo/Erie County:  (716) 681-4300
Outside of Erie County:  (800) 888-4162

Online at:

EAP Free Consultation Services
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Rick Hanulewicz 

Manager, Facilities & Property



Beth Malloy

Business & Property Specialist


Christopher Todorov

Manager Rail Facilities

O - (716)-855-7411

F - (716)- 855-7447

C – (716)- 430-7451

Daniel Brody

Facilities Manager - MTC





Senior Maintenance Technician/Leader - Allen Hemingway 

Senior Maintenance Technician - Michael Buxton

Senior Maintenance Technician - John Ritzenthaler



Ernie Desimone - Team Lead 1st shift

Rafael Marquez - Team Lead 2nd shift 

Bobby Morland

Sharon Kennedy

Rocco Vaccaro

Hector Lozada

Scott Brewer

Rocco Vaccaro

Sean Burke

Cinthia Marquez

Jeff Paonessa

Joe Rydzewski

Tomas Riveria



Manager, Darren Kempner


Assistant Manager, Bryan Roth


Senior Grants Specialist (Aviation), Marcela Hernandez


Senior Grants Specialist (Transit), Samantha Koelemeyer


Administrative Assistant, Alexandra Saleh


For employees enrolled in the High Deductible Plan, the Health Reimbursement Account annual credit is $1,500 single and $3,000 family.

These are the most commonly used forms:

BCI HRA Debit Authorization Form
HRA Enrollment
HRA Fillable Claim Form

During the annual open enrollment period you can utilize the following forms to enroll in dental and eye coverage:
GHI Dental enrollment
EyeMed Enrollment Form

To find a participating dental provider follow these instructions:

GHI/Emblem Health Participating Dentist Instructions

To locate a participating eye care provider (choose the Select network):

Vision Provider Locator (

Complete and submit the following claim form for dental services:

Dental Claim Form

Pumpkin Smash or Pumpkin Drop-Off Events
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Congratulations to Larry Karsky, Don Minoian, Ziggy Kucewicz, Ken Jeffords, & Shawn Carter
from Central Stores:

Keep up the Great Work!

Name Title Location  Work Number Email Address
John Schaefer Vice President Engineering & Property 181 Ellicott Street, Buffalo NY (716) 855-7351
Rick Hanulewicz Manager Facilities & Property  181 Ellicott Street, Buffalo NY (716) 855-7412
Beth Clark Business & Property Specialist 181 Ellicott Street, Buffalo NY (716) 855-7413
Daniel Brody Manager Facilities, MTC, 1404, OCC, NFTC 181 Ellicott Street, Buffalo NY (716) 855-7345
Chris Todorov Manager Rail Facilities 485 Cayuga Rd, Cheektowaga, NY  716-855-7411

The Transit Police headquarters is located at 1404 Main Street in the City of Buffalo, with sub-stations located at the following locations:

  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport
  • Niagara Falls International Airport
  • Metropolitan Transportation Center, Buffalo
  • Niagara Falls Transportation Center
  • All underground Metro Rail Stations