Updated September, 2022

To keep our employees informed on updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created an NFTA Communication Center right here on Elements. Information can be easily updated and accessed in one central location anytime, anywhere.  Please see below:

Our News

  • NYS Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Mask Mandate and Booster Vaccines Updates, 9/6/22; see Post. 
  • Mask Update, see Post.
  • Vaccination Update, see Post
  • A/O 12/20/21 - To follow is a site that is updated daily with locations and time slots for COVID Vaccine and COVID booster availability in the WNY area: https://www.vaccinehound.org/.
  • Update on NFTA employee mask wear policy and vaccines, 6/2/21, See Story
  • Update on NFTA employee mask wear policy, 5/18/21, See Story.   
  • Governor Cuomo announced five pop-up vaccine sites at NFTA properties, See Story
  • Vaccine Update with Available Locations, See Story
  • Vaccination Rollout Update, See Story. There are additional vaccine date updates on Elements.
  • Please see NFTA's Continuity of Emergency-Operations Plan, here
  • CDC issues new order on traveler mask wear, See Story
  • Vaccination Roll Out: Your Health and Safety is Our Top Priority, See Story.
  • Masking Up Protects Everyone, See Story.
  • Message from Kim Minkel, see here
  • Please see the NFTA WORK HEALTHY GUIDE Update here
  • Keeping WNY Bright - It's Our Job, See Story
  • Metro Covid-19 Survey, See Results
  • NYS Travel Advisory and Air Travel, See Newsroom StorySee Story Update
  • NFTA-Metro Bus and Rail Resume Collecting Fares, See Release
  • Wellness Temperature Screenings Begin at the NFTA, See Story
  • Safety of NFTA Employees is Top Priority, See Story.
  • Sounding The Horn for Public Transit Workers, See Release. and Story
  • NFTA-Metro Reallocates Service, See Release.
  • Musician on A Mission: Local Rap Artist Shows Appreciation to Front-line Workers at NFTA-Metro, See Release.
  • U.S. Secretary Elaine Chao Thanks America's Public Transit Workers, Watch Video
  • NFTA COVID-19 Update, See Release
  • Face covering requirement guidance by the Department of Health,  See Update
  • Volunteers mobilize for food delivery, See Release
  • Kaleida Health providing COVID-19 testing for NFTA Employees, See Release
  • Metro riders required to wear face masks, See Update
  • NFTA employees and face coverings, See Update
  • Metro Supervisor Jessica provides bus riding tips, Watch Video
  • NFTA Metro advances summer bus schedule, News Release
  • Second police officer tests positive for COVID-19, News Release
  • Transit police officer tests positive for COVID-19, News Release
  • Public transportation for essential travel only, News Release
  • Stay safe with Metro operator Rodderick Bonner, Watch Video
  • NFTA Metro temporarily suspending fare collection, News Release
  • Thank you from NFTA's Executive Director, See Message
  • Highlighting NFTA Metro's Constant Responders, Watch Video
  • NFTA employee tests positive for COVID-19, News Release
  • Corona Virus updates for our Operators, See Update
  • Message to All NFTA Employees on COVID-19, See Update
  • Corona Virus and public transportation, News Release 

Human Resources Information - COVID-19

  • Human Resources Hotline - NFTA and Metro employees may contact Human Resources at (716) 855-6500 for questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. This line is being monitored 24/7. You can also find general information at our HR Element.

  • Work Healthy: Your Guide.
  • Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Act is available at FMLA.

  • Telephonic Employee Assistance Program is available through EAPServices.

  • The New York State Retirement System has provided updated COVID-19 information

Services and Operations:

  • Airport updates and information can be found here:   Buffalo   Niagara Falls
  • Metro updates and information can be found here:             Metro

You can also find more information and COVID-19 related stories on Elements.  Contact us at Elements@nfta.com if you have any questions or comments.